The Path of Kane

One Tough Bitch!!!!!!

Upon further inspection of the long rope bridge Franz realizes that it is merely weathered by the brilliant sun for many years. Fernando decides to double back and be sure we are not being followed by treasure seeking gold prospectors or may be even the conniving Boris. I unfortunately foresaw the double crossing Boris and will try not to manifest any ill will toward him. I am after all a disciple of our savior Jesus Christ and must forgive whenever and wherever possible.
We transverse the rope bridge with little fanfare and I continue observing the sparse vegetation and wildlife of the area with some trepidation. We resume our journey following a path cut into the undergrowth. The party halts after only 2 or may be 3 miles because we discern the outer wall of the famed city of Negari. The structure is all but obliterated and rumble is all that remains of the once mighty wall. Our porters and guide immediately retreat some 800 yards to our rear echelon to remain as we attempt to clear the evil from this once lovely city. Following a brief inspection of the ruins, our ears ring of a voice, “Behold the white Gods…..” That was all I understood as the voice was speaking river tongue which is the common native language of this area of the Dark Continent. Nearly at once we feast our eyes on a beautiful dark skinned and well endowed woman. My loins immediately ached for her, I thought, “Wow so stunning…..yet so evil!” After only studying her for three seconds my eyes are drawn to an unpleasant sight among the ruins. She gestures toward us and a host of native warriors with their barbed spears glistening in the radiant sunlight surge in our direction ready to attack. In a state of panic I quickly count one dozen of her loyal subjects charging to eliminate the white Gods and by white Gods they refer to Kanes Crusaders! The vampire queen remains some 150 yards distant while her warriors will be able to engage us in only seconds! Anna reacts straight away with a focused purpose draws and aims her pistol discharging but to with no success. The bullet path grazed the ear of a warrior and struck a mud brick along a partially destroyed wall ricocheting with a whizzing sound into the sky. The blast seems to have frightened the fighters and we may have a slight advantage even though we are outnumbered in the ratio of 4 to 1. I summon a ghost like warrior and instruct the spirit to take up arms to battle the Queens’ henchmen. Franz swings nearly severing a warrior’s right forearm leaving his sword newly bloodied. Anna drops her pistol, draws a short sword and plunges into the gut of an enemy combatant soaking his brown colored loin cloth with his blood. Franz follows his initial success with another well placed sword strike to the fighter’s knee dropping him to the rubble infested ground. I glance over to see Anna staggering under the weight of three successful thrusts of the deadly barbed spears. I successfully deflect a spear thrust against our blonde beauty calling forth a holy shield of God while my spirit warrior slays a wounded fighter just left of my shoulder. Franz receives his first wound when a tribal spear nicks his cheek allowing just a small trickle of a deepest red fluid. I send my healing spirit of God to touch Anna and fully restore her health. Luckily Anna deflected a lunging spear just after I rid her of her wounds. Unfortunately for me I was blindsided by two enemy spears while closing Anna’s wounds. One of the assailants wedged a barbed spear into my armpit and I can feel the blood running down my side. My spirit servant returns the favor dropping one of evil men that surround me with just one mighty thrust. Franz demonstrates his combat prowess and hacks his third evil warrior causing him not to breathe any longer. A warrior lunges with his spear but I manage to deflect it with my large shield as sound of metal gouging metal can be heard. Franz sweeps waist high catching the warrior in the lower abdomen causing him to be disemboweled.
Emerging from amidst the ruins we see the gorgeous dark skinned queen accompanied by three young maidens and a burly native cradling a glistening human skull. The Queen begins to urge her warriors on as the battle rages. Franz realizing the added danger using his talents to shield us in an opaque and misty armor. Anna connects with her short sword causing a severe wound to another tribesman. As the situation still remains dire I call from the heavens a second spirit warrior to help even the odds against the evil tribesmen and undead queen. Anna reels from an additional thrust piercing her left forearm causing a stream of blood to begin flowing down onto her hand. A puzzling sight, the undead Queen Nacari is waging war at nearly high noon on a cloudless spring day. I as the others may be thinking: The other vampires we have encountered loathed light even weakening abilities and sapping their strength. Anna has lost too much blood and I use my God given powers to heal hers as well my wounds. Franz charges the mostly female group hacking down one of the sexy ebony maidens. I notice the Queen becomes aroused at the sight of the maiden’s blood gushing from the fatal wound. She then drops to one knee and dips her hand into the large pool of blood as is seeps from the maiden’s neck. Waving her hands in gestures the Queen casts a spell of unknown power. I unsuccessfully try to block a warriors stabbing spear and I look down to see my own blood cast onto my shield. Anna swings her empowered long sword and kills another tribesman. The second spirit fighter consecutively jabs the warrior near me and causes his demise. Franz switches targets to Anna and I quickly dispel that which grapples his mind. Anna crosses her swords and pushes away another barbed spear attack. The Queen reaches out and touches Franz speaking some words that I do not recognize. Once again the second spirit warrior stabs a native creating a severe leg wound although the wound is not fatal. Franz wildly charges Anna slashing her just behind her left shoulder blade exposing bone and muscle. The odds are now against us with Franz possessed by the Queen and I attempt put two warriors into an irresistible sleep. Alas only a single soldier is prone to the sleep endowing heavenly talent. The queen strides over and tries to claw and bite me but I manage to dodge her attempts. My initially summoned spirit fighter eliminates the last of the spearmen surrounding me. Anna attempts a parry but Franz swings just under the short sword slicing into her upper left arm. A stunned and shocked Anna looks at Franz and collapses to the earth with blood pouring from some massive wounds. Both spirit warriors continue to stab the vampire however they may not be doing lethal or subdual damage. The Queen claws me scratching face and I feel a burning sensation from the injury. Franz swings twice in rapid succession but fails to injury me. I am concerned about Anna so I heal her of all injuries but I observe that her left arm is now disfigured and useless. The summoned warriors continue their assault upon the evil Queen. My luck has run out against my possessed friend and he lands an attack. The Queen claws me once again causing me to feel a stinging sensation. Anna now awakened from near death experience staggers over and swings her wooden stake at the Queen with little effect. It seems we are in dire straits therefore I create invisibility upon Anna and myself. Franz uses my last known location and swings but only hits the air. Anna again tries to stab the vampire Queen but just as before with little effect. Franz resists my attempt cause him to magically sleep. I enhance Anna’s fighting abilities praying she will have better success against the vampire. With a wild swing Franz again misses me. I reposition myself nearby and redirect my warriors to attack the tribesman. The possession finally leaves Franz’s body and the Queen realizes this grabbing him in an attempt to bite his neck. I redirect the heavenly warriors to attack the burly skull hugging tribesman. Franz struggles break free of the Queens grip as she bites him in the neck. The holy and ghostly warriors both thrust their barbed spears into the burly henchman’s flesh. Anna continues her futile attempts to stake the Queen. Again Franz is bitten by the blood thirsty vampire Queen still entangled with her. I attempt twice to curse her but she is highly resistant. Franz breaks free and pushes the vampire away. Anna continues her unsuccessful attacks against the undead Queen. Then Queen retreats to the dying tribesman as he tumbles to the ground dying after being jabbed by my warriors. The Queen reaches out and lets out concerned oral sound “Uhhhh” but she is not close enough to snatch up the skull. Franz follows close behind but his attack fails to injure this undead minion of the devil. Queen Nacari bends down and clutches the skull cradling it in her hands. Just as she takes control of the mysterious skull Anna plunges the wooden stake into her heart. Stake still in her hands and looking confused Anna peers into her eyes as the Queen just laughs. Although she laughed Anna believes the Queen has taken some damage. Franz now having his wits about him steps behind her but fails to strike her with his silvered long sword. I heal mine as well as Anna wounds bring her back to full vitality. The Queen retreats a short distance away still clutching the human skull. Franz swings and causes only a minor flesh wound to the vampire. The Queen then uses the power of the skull to create a horrifying wail and a wave of confusion rips into Anna and me with only Franz resisting. Anna pursues Queen Nacari and elects to jab the evil skull but unsuccessfully. Even in my confused state I take control my mind and boost the combat abilities of both Franz and Anna. Once again the skull cries out causing myself and Anna to run away full of dread. Franz skillfully wields his silver long sword and cuts into her flesh. She retaliates and claws at him as well as sending the skull leaping out trying to head butts Franz. Franz attacks her slashing a deep wound and her body immediately crumbles into a pile of dust. Anna reappears from the invisibility but with a devious look about her. I break free of the madness and do an about face returning to the battle ground. Franz already standing over the skull strikes it but only delivering a glancing blow. Anna snatches up the skull as Franz yells, “Smash it…smash it Anna!” Focusing on the artifact, Franz brings an overhead attack causing the skull to be damaged significantly. Again the skull jumps from her hands but Franz ducks the animated body part. Because of my confused state I fail to weave magical invisibility upon myself. Franz delivers another potent swing shattering the skull into a dozen pieces. Anna drops her wooden stake and draws her long sword from its sheath. Franz connects hitting Anna in the hand creating a minor wound. Anna’s sword slices through the air but is met by Franz’s large shield creating low pitched clanging noise. With a touch I curse Anna trying to remove the evil spirit that has entered her body. Franz delivers another successful attack opening up a wound near Anna’s left ear. I ready a deflect and a ghostly shield blocks her powerful sword attack against our holy fighter. Franz all ready prepared cuts into flesh and she then tumbles to the ground motionless. Both Franz and I see an aberration leap from Anna into that of the remaining pretty young maiden. The remaining spirit warrior and Franz bring fury upon the maiden instantly killing her. We see a ghostly image scream and descend into the ground toward hell. We all collapse fatigued from a lengthy battle where we remain for some much needed rest. As I position myself my eye catches sight of two strange, hellish and somewhat gaunt observers moving eastward with great speed. Once we gather our strength we will be investigating these foul looking creatures.


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