Emma Ayling

Accused Witch


Name: Emma Ayling
Nationality: Welsh
Abilities: CHA d8 DEX d8 INT d6 PER d10 PSY d6 SPT d10 STR d6 VIT d6
Attributes: DEF 8 ENC 9 HLTH 12 INT 18 SPD 20’ (left leg lame/gains starting talent)
Qualities: Path of the World (WT), Charismatic, Enemy (Witch Hunter), Healer, Wanted: Witchcraft
Skills: Athletics d6, Awareness d6, Diplomacy d6, Medicine d6, Melee d4, Ranged d6, Resist d8, Stealth d6, Witchcraft d8
Weapons: Dagger (d8+d4; DMG 3), Sling (d6+d6; DMG 1; RNG 90’; ROF 1)
Armor: Leather Armor (all) Armor Track: 2
Gear: Backpack (leather), Bedroll, (3x) Candle, Horse, Mojo Bags, Riding Gear, (10x) Sling Stone, Torch, Trail Rations, Waterskin, Whetstone
Weird Power: Path of the World (Witch)
Ability: Spirit Points: 30
Skill: Witchcraft Starting Talents: 4
Talents: Enhance, Healing, Entangle, Restore, Shell
-Use magic for good only.
-Discover the Sgot standing stones.
-Protect other “witches” from persecution.


Emma was a loner until Thomas Ayling stumbled onto her cottage in the woods. Sure she had visitors, people needed her “folk” arts, but no one befriended her. Who befriends a witch?

When Emma laid eyes on Thomas, she felt alone for the first time. Lucky for her Thomas felt the same. It wasn’t long before they were married and dreaming of a family. These dreams were not to be.

Soon after their marriage, Emma was accused of witchcraft and hunted down by the witch hunter, Jeremias Rojo, a Spanish Inquisitor. When the disbelief that the townsfolk would turn on her faded, she was left with utter sadness at what thay had done for Emma practiced only minor magicks and had vowed long ago to do no harm to those who sought her help.

Thomas and Solomon Kane rescued her from an old dungeon under the town’s inn, but not before she suffered mightily at the witch hunter’s hand. Emma’s left leg is lame, but the emotional hurt she feels from the betrayal is much worse. She hopes that Thomas’s wandering will bring them some semblance of peace in the future.

Emma Ayling

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