Jeremias Rojo

Spanish Inquisitor


Name: Jeremias Rojo
Nationality: Spanish
Abilities: CHA d10 DEX d10 INT d8 PER d8 PSY d6 SPT d6 STR d6 VIT d6
Attributes: DEF 9 ENC 9 HLTH 12 INT 21 SPD 30’
Qualities: Witch-hunter, Zealot, Duelist, Charismatic
Skills: Acrobatics d6, Awareness d6, Deception d6, Firearms d8, Intimidation d6, Melee d6, Networking (Inquisitors/Church) d6, Resist d8
Weapons: Rapier (d10+d6; DMG 3; PAR + 2), Main Gauge (d10+d6; DMG 3; PAR + 2), Flintlock Pistol (d10+d8; DMG 4; RNG 150’; ROF 1)
Armor: Lamellar Armor (all) Armor Track: 3
Gear: Backpack (leather), Bedroll, Horse, Riding Gear, (10x) Shot, Torch, Trail Rations, Waterskin, Whetstone


Jeremias Rojo claims to be on a holy directive from the Grand Inquisitor Jerónimo Manrique de Lara himself. By the time de Lara died, shortly after his appointment as the Grand Inquisitor, Rojo had already imprisoned and tortured hundreds. Shortly after Grand Inquisitor Pedro de Portocarrero was appointed, he denounced Jeremias Rojo’s actions, but that did not stop Rojo from continuing his sadistic work elsewhere…

Jeremias Rojo

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