Roger Simeon

Hanged Necromancer


Name: Roger Simeon
Nationality: English
Abilities: CHA d8 DEX d8 INT d12 PER d6 PSY d8 SPT d10 STR d6 VIT d8
Attributes: DEF 8 ENC 9 HLTH 14 INT 14 SPD 30’
Qualities: Path of the Grave (WT), Anatomist, Ominous Presence, Wanted: Grave robbing and trafficking with the dead, Wrath
Skills: Athletics d6, Awareness d6, Deception d8, Intimidation d8, Medicine d6, Melee d6, Necromancy d12, Resist d10
Weapons: Dagger (d8+d6; DMG 3)
Armor: Leather Armor (all) Armor Track: 2
Gear: Backpack (leather), Bedroll, (3x) Candle, Horse, Spellbook, Riding Gear, Torch, Trail Rations, Waterskin, Whetstone
Weird Power: Path of the Grave (Necromancer)
Ability:Intelligence Points: 36
Skill: Necromancy Starting Talents: 6
Talents: animate hand, enhance, diminish, madness, transfer soul, raise, shell


Roger Simeon, a necromancer, was betrayed by John Redly and executed on the gallows of Torkertown for his crimes, but not before he exacted a brutal payback on his so-called friend.

Kane learns of Simeon when he overhears the man’s former friend, John Redly, bragging about the necromancer’s capture and death sentence.

Roger Simeon

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