Thomas Ayling

A Typical Wanderer


Name: Thomas Ayling
Nationality: English
Abilities: CHA d6 DEX d8 INT d6 PER d8 PSY d6 SPT d6 STR d10 VIT d10
Attributes: DEF 8 ENC 15 HLTH 20 INT 20 SPD 30’
Qualities: Woodsman, Honorable, Enemy (Witch Hunter), Marksman, Wanted: Aiding & Abetting a Witch
Skills: Acrobatics d6, Melee d6, Resist d6, Awareness d6, Ranged d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6, Tracking d8
Weapons: Bow (d10+d8; DMG 4; RNG 125’; ROF 1), Dagger (d8+d6; DMG 3), Short Sword (d8+d6; DMG 4)
Armor: Leather Armor (all) Armor Track: 2
Gear:(20x) Arrow, Leather Armor, Backpack (leather), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Quiver, Torch, Waterskin, Horse and Riding Gear
-Treat nature with respect and reverence.
-Hunt down and punish the unjust.
-Protect the ones he loves.


Thomas has two loves, the forest and his wife Emma. In fact, he was a confirmed bachelor happy to ply his trade as a woodsman, until Emma came between him and his first love. It wasn’t long before the two were married. They seemed kindred spirits. Emma loved her natural surroundings as much as Thomas.

Thomas’s devotion was not even shaken when he found out Emma’s secret. Over the years his suspicions grew. Visits from locals for herbal remedies, soothing balms, and other holistic cures. When the witch hunter arrived, Thomas was not surprised. But he was not worried either, Emma was a good woman who helped her neighbors. The witch hunter denounced and punished many in the town. It wasn’t long until Emma was accused by another suspected “witch.”

Thomas refused to allow his wife to be burned. He prayed for guidance, and they were answered in the form of Solomon Kane. Kane had been trailing the witch hunter whose lack of concern for the innocent and the truth marked him as something as, or more, sinister than the quarry he hunted.

Thomas joined Kane as he sought to avenge the many innocents the witch hunter tortured and burned. What he saw in the dungeons of the brute left an indelible mark on Thomas’s psyche. When he found Emma, she was barely alive. Kane left Thomas to tend to his wife and chased after his prey.

It took Thomas weeks to nurse Emma back to health in a cottage far from the horrors of their home town. That is where they lived together until Thomas received the call to the Path. Now he wanders thinking of his Emma all the while his dreams lead him towards Devonshire.

Thomas Ayling

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