Tucker Brimage

Innkeeper of The Lamb


Oily brown, shaggy hair hangs around Tucker’s gloomy face. His shallow hazel eyes seem to gaze forlornly over his pride and joy, The Lamb. He often leans on a wooden crutch, a necessary accessory, since he lost the use of his right leg fighting for the crown in the Nine Years war.
There’s something puzzling about Tucker. Although attentive to his patrons’ needs, his cynical and somber mood often make them uncomfortable, nonetheless there is an underlying selflessness to Tucker. Because of this ambiguity, people tend to be curious about him, regularly identifying him as a friend.
Not one for superstitions, when questioned by the Wanderers, Tucker laughs off the townsfolks’ practice of painting white crosses on doors as a means of protection from the plague or any imaginary boogeymen. He far too much a realist for such “nonsense.”


Tucker Brimage

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