Widow Ivens

Widow of a swindled merchant


Brown, perfectly groomed hair hangs over a chiseled, lively face. Dead amber eyes, surrounded by darkened rings play constantly on the edge of tears and of anger.

The distraught Widow Ivens plans on leaving town in the morning to live with her sister in Thornton. During their investigation of the Red Vengeance, she informed the Wanderers that her merchant husband lost his fortune when he was cheated by the four dead men: Prestwick, Carter, Muchly, and Drake and another man named Alfred Dawlish.

Even after the Wanderers’ resolution of the incidents in Torkertown, she is determined to leave. She does not know if her husband committed suicide or not, nor does she care, but she can no longer live with the muffled comments and sanctimonious looks.


Widow Ivens

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