Character Creation

Character creation will follow the course outlined in the Entropic Gaming System Core Rulebook. In addition, players should consult the information in The Savage World of Solomon Kane-Player’s Guide to provide guidance as to setting specific “flavor.”

Some notes:

Character Concept: Your character concept is a slogan that sums up what you envision your character to be. This is what you see as your role, niche, or calling. What is your character passionate about, what does she do, what does he hope to accomplish?

Background: Backgrounds further define your character’s connection to the setting in terms of race, species, culture, class, etc. While humans are the dominant (and only playable) race, they come from a great variety of cultures form around the world. It is recommended that selection of a race be made in conjunction with the reading of the background entry of the culture, as it will certainly be useful for characterization to understand the region from which the character hails.

Abilities: In EGS there are 8 physical and mental Abilities that “mechanically” define your character: Charisma, Dexterity, Intelligence, Perception, Psyche, Spirit, Strength, and Vitality.

Attributes: Attributes differ from Abilities as they are predefined or derived from the 8 Abilities above. These Attributes provide additional aspects of your character. They are: Combat Actions, Defense, Health, Hero Points, Initiative, Language, and Speed.

Skills: Skills embody the defining aspects of your character. These aptitudes combined with Abilities determine the actions your character is capable of performing.

Equipment: No hero is ready to set off on (or survive) adventure without equipment.

Talents: Talents are the strange or unusual gifts that some characters use to create incredible effects.

Qualities: Qualities are unique aspects of your character that allow you to connect your character’s concept with the in-game mechanics to provide advantages during gameplay. Qualities are meant to develop character concepts and build character backgrounds, and provide in-game benefits (and penalties) while enhancing roleplaying.

Finishing Touches:Once your character is defined mechanically, your background can be further fleshed out with additional characteristics such as age, name, homeland, height, weight, and many other non-mechanical characteristics. Review the information on page 21 of The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane-Player’s Guide. Your characters have received the call to become Wanderers. This means that you must come up with the context of how and when you met Solomon Kane.
Finish your character by filling in any history or background you care to. Ask yourself why your hero is where he is and what his goals are.
You might also want to talk to the other players. Coming together to collectively decide to optimize your group a bit and ensure you’ve got a good assortment of skills and abilities is never a bad idea.

Character Creation

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