Those who follow the path of Kane know that the horrors the common folk whisper about are real. The things that go bump in the night exist and they are not to be trifled with. Wanderers see things that could scare a man to death.

In EGS Fear operates through the Fear Pool mechanic (pp 57-58 Entropic Gaming System Core Rulebook). This works well with regards to all the “boogeymen” characters will encounter, but in the world of Solomon Kane horror lurks everywhere. Oftentimes, characters will face other things that challenge their sanity. To represent this in the game, there will be two additions to the Fear mechanic.

1. Situational Fear: Wanderers are constantly confronted by frightening situations. When scenery, location, narrative, or other situations demand it, a Fear Pool will be generated.

Example: The Wanderers are forced to follow a woman thought to be a witch into the fens surrounding the town. Faced with strange noises and noxious odors, they remember the tales of the “Haunted Fens.” Fear begins to set in.

2. Individual Fear: Sometimes individual wanderers are forced to face their own fears. In these cases players will be required to make Fear rolls (usually Spirit + Resist). On a failure the character gains a Fear die (two on a critical failure). This fear “clings” to the character affecting everything he does. The Fear die is rolled each round working exactly as the Fear Pool, but only the individual wanderer can be affected. This die disappears whenever an eight is rolled on it. Multiple Fear Dice stack.

Example: Thomas attempts to cast Invisibility and something goes horribly wrong. Suffering a magick backlash, he gains a Fear die. The next round he rolls his fear die and gets a 5. The GM now has the opportunity to change out any of Thomas’s dice for the Fear die. On the next round Thomas’s player rolls a 1 on the Fear die. The following round Thomas no longer suffers from fear.


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