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The world of Solomon Kane is caught between the enlightened thinking of the Renaissance and the superstitions of the Middle Ages. Although science and rational thought are beginning to explain Europe’s little part of the world and air superstition and hearsay remains. People still fear what they do not know or cannot prove themselves. Mercantilism, colonization, and exploration, while profitable and sometimes beneficial, have revealed a much larger and inexplicable world. The tall takes of returning sailors add to the uneasiness and superstition, seeming to conform peoples’ beliefs that all cannot be explained with books, science, and learning. And they may be correct…

Evil does stalk the world. In the more customary form of men succumbing to the deadliest of sins and in the preternatural form of monsters and aberrations. This is a world were the stories of the things that go bump in the night truly exist. Vampires, werewolves, goblins, boogeymen and more stalk the dark places of the world.

The Savage World of Solomon Kane Rulebook provides an excellent glimpse into the world of Kane on pages 145-151.

The World of Solomon Kane best fits into two genres, Gothic Horror and Pulp.

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