There are two roads to Torkertown. The shorter leads across upland moor, while the longer trail leads through swamp. When Solomon Kane first arrived at the fork outside of Torkertown, the swamp road was the safer of the two, for something terrible haunted the moors and killed in a manner most horrible.

As the Puritan discovered, the haunt was the vengeful ghost of Gideon, the cousin of wicked Ezra, the hermit of the marsh, who killed Gideon and hid his body. Both ghost and killer have now departed this mortal realm, and the moor road to Torkertown is again safe.

Located in Devon near the Dartmoor, Torkertown is a typical village seen across England, and indeed Europe. The town’s major buildings and features, such as the church, graveyard, manor house, and inn surround the village green, an open area of grass on which the local markets and fairs are held. Eerily, the town’s gallows, last used to hang the necromancer Roger Simeon, stand adjacent the green, a stark reminder to all that justice will be served especially in these dark time.

Notable Locations

The Lamb—coaching inn run by Tucker Brimage.
The Church—once Catholic rededicated as a Protestant place of worship. Reverend Jeffrey Timothy is the parish vicar.

Persons of Interest

Alfred Dawlish—Surviving victim of the Red Vengeance
Squire Hardwicke—Local Magistrate
Roger Simeon—Hanged Necromancer


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