The Path of Kane

Bring out your dead....the doctor could use them!

We spoke with Ismael at great length about the rumors of necromancy and Boris’ possible involvement. I wanted to clear my old friend of these allegations so he may gain his freedom. Perhaps we could bring the grave robbers to justice or as Franz may desire…for them to meet their maker. Of course I am making the assumption that the intrusion was the result of multiple perpetrators. Franz believes that Boris maybe the one digging up the graves. Off we go to the lambs inn and bar to investigate the use of tomes of necromancy to raise the dead to walk again. Franz, using his English as a second language, orders his second morning ale of the day. His first being consumed at Lord Wyndam’s keep. Anna also accepts a pint of the inn’s fine ale. I abstain; the only alcohol that I partake in is served during the celebration of the last supper at mass. Franz begins to question Max the bar owner. As far as he knows the bodies began disappearing about a week or week and half ago, but the last being about two days ago. Max suggests that clues could be discovered in the graveyard. Before leaving Franz asked when the graves were robbed, Max responded with a confused look and said, “during the evening…when else?” As we begin our searching of the graveyard, Franz discovers numerous graves dug up, just enough to pull the body from the ground. All the bodies were of young women who had recently died. None of those bodies have been retrieved wholly or in-part. Our group(Kane’s Crusaders) decides to stake-out the graveyard at night, splitting into 2 teams of 2. One group observers the south while the other the north. Fernando wants to picnic, decides that not being able to see the food at night, it will have to wait. The group discusses the idea of using Anna as bait, but realizes that is not needed. I readily volunteered to team up with the blonde beauty. My loins stir when I am within close proximity of her! Our stake-out starts just after sundown and yields a result rather quickly. The southern team of Anna and I hear the sounds of digging within the cemetery nearby. I invoked invisibility upon the two of us and we advance in the direction of the noise. We observed four men digging in the earth of a recently buried person. I, being reserved, ask Anna if we should allow the others to join us before we confront them. She agreed to remain on the scene while I was to seek out Franz and Fernando. After a brief search I located them both. I directed them to the southeastern corner of the graveyard and indicated that there were four grave robbers digging up the plot of a recently buried corpse. The group observed the thieves for about 30 seconds and contemplated our response to such an intrusion of holy ground. Fernando wanted to pretend he was lost, but decided to approach with Franz and Anna telling them they were digging the grave wrong. The man holding the lantern suggested that we move along or there could be trouble. Franz studies the tombstone and discovers that this grave is of a young female recently deceased. The group of robbers gets into an aggressive posture. “You guys should move on!” the man with the lantern demanded. The man places the lantern on the ground and places his hand on a short sword on his hip. Franz stated, “We are not looking for trouble.” I have my doubts about his intentions knowing his violent past. The man draws his sword and the battle begins. Anna sneaks (invisibly) up the robber armed with the sword and swings her sword missing him. The one man armed with a shovel and another with the sword attack Fernando the other two (one with a shovel and one with a pickaxe) engage Franz. The robber with the axe declares, “I am going to put this through your armor punk!” Three of them miss wildly, but the man with the sword brings down the weight of his sword on Fernando just as it is going to strike him, I summon assistance from the hand of the Almighty and it is deflected. Fernando successfully disarms one of them knocking the shovel to the ground nearby. Franz swings with all his might causing a severe wound to the man armed with the axe. Anna attacks and damages the robber with the short sword. Again the man’s blow against Fernando is deflected through my intervention. Franz attempts to block an attack; however the villain’s shovel connects with his upper leg causing a significant wound. Fernando successfully disarms the man holding the sword. Franz again attacks and decapitates the robber who threatened him. Anna attempt to knock out the leader, but a glancing blow does little damage. The robbers choose to disengage and move away in the hopes of retreating. I invoke the dust of the sandman putting the robber leader to sleep. Fernando throws his hand axe but it ricocheted off a large gravestone. I swiftly move and place cuffs on the sleeping thief. The others allow the remaining men to flee believing only one prisoner is needed for our investigation of the body snatching thieves. Franz interrogates the thief while I invoke some insight into his responses. Before the interrogation begins, the guy exclaimed, “You guys really are from the grave diggers union!” Franz and Anna propose a few simple questions to the man. He earnestly explains that a Dr. Sydel pays them to bring bodies to his mansion. The group devises a plan to deliver the supposed body(Anna’s body) with the robber leader pretending to make a drop off to the doctor. We knock upon the mansion door with no results. We don’t even see any light coming from the windows. We, that is, Kane’s Crusaders elect to enter the dwelling. We discover large amounts of blood splashed all over the entry hall. This discovery does not bode well for those living in this mansion. I ignite a torch and we travel downstairs to the basement with Franz leading the way. The blood appears very freshly spilled and we turn the corner hearing a voice yelling, My darling…no….it worked…it worked….no. A monstrous creation began to slam her fists into a man(possibly the doctor we were seeking out) causing him to slump to the ground in a bloody heap. This patch work female but hideous monster turns and attacks without hesitation. Anna quick draws her pistol and blasts the beast square in the chest. The creature still continues its assault even with the bullet lodged within its chest cavity. I prepare to deflect any incoming attack. Fernando lunges striking the creature with a solid cut to the left arm. I successfully prevent the beasts attack against Fernando using my God given talent. Franz steps up and deals a glancing blow to the creature. Anna swings with both swords, but fails to connect with either of them. Fernando follows with a devastating blow slicing a deep gash to the creature’s thigh. I failed Fernando and the beast slammed a fist into his body causing him to stagger back against the wall. Franz positioned himself between Fernando and the creature and but was not able to connect with the enemy. Fernando tries to defend against the creature, but to no avail, causing Fernando to briefly falter. I speak words of confidence allowing Franz to fight more skillfully. Fernando tries to trip the fiend, but the monster steps over his sweep. The creature steadies itself and attempts to crush the sea dog’s skull, but a ghostly hand stops the fist just inches from Fernando’s head. Franz summons the strength of God and causes a gaping laceration to the creature’s neck. The beast sways and topples backward onto the cold stone floor. The creature remained on the floor ceasing to move ever again. Fernando turns his attention to the injured doctor discovering the damage to be grave. We search the mansion and notice a tome with writings related to creating things from dead bodies. We also discover the doctor’s journal and find that Boris had sold him this tome of necromancy. The groups stops by constable’s home and explains the actions of the doctor. The Crusaders discuss the fate of Boris(I consult the holy warrior) and realize that he may be of use in locating the gems of power. Even though Boris and I have grown apart, I suggest that Boris be released into our custody. We depart the keep with Boris in manacles and leg irons with each one of the group wondering if releasing him was the right decision.


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