The Path of Kane

His Past Catches Up with Him...

As I begin this entry, it is four weeks into the year of our Lord 1603. Once again…..N’Longa appeared in my dream…all of our dreams. We are directed to the dark continent of Africa. We make haste and begin our long journey westward. This westerly direction appears to be the safest as many pirates roam the Mediterranean Sea. I estimated that the trip would take us a better part of four weeks! Our arduous journey led us throughout the countryside and mountains of Austria, Northern Italy, France and Spain with some two thousand three hundred miles travelled. Our troop arrives late March in the bustling port city of Lisbon with so many sights to see with being a port city the activity business and otherwise is truly amazing. This crowded city is just swarming with activity. We sell our horses and I must bid farewell to Peppermint as they cannot make the seaward voyage to Africa. We do however retain all the equestrian equipment for possible future use once we dock in the dark continent. We weave our way through crowded streets of the likes of all types of people. We reach our city destination that being nearby the docks of this active city. Franz, Fernando and Esteban work the streets searching for viable passage to Africa. They learn the best place to book passage on a ship bound for Africa is The Lone Knuckle Ale House located along the waterfront. I tag along with the remaining Crusaders not feeling very useful in the current endeavor. Our group stands out among the bar patrons with half the Crusaders heavily armored. No sooner to step foot into the Ale House when someone in the corner in a raised voice shouts at Fernando with most of us are uncertain what he said to our companion. We hear the voice say something ending with…“Fernando!” An entire table filled with rowdy men stand and move in Fernando’s direction and ours for that matter. I throw 5 pounds on the counter betting Esteban that Fernando would lose. Esteban ignores the bid as he seems to have spied something that concerns him. I look to the thugs and they armed with daggers every one of them. This does not look like a good time to place a bet! Fernando hurls a bar stool and clocks one in the forehead briefly dazing him. I prepare to intervene but just continue to observe for the time being. Esteban slashes one of the thugs casting blood onto a nearby table. I am able to deflect numerous dagger attacks on Fernando although his blood soaks much of his upper torso. Skillfully Franz soon eliminates his opposing rowdy thug and places himself in harms way against the three enemy battling Fernando. A battle weary Fernando continues his attack while trying to reason with his opponent(I can only guess). I step up and touch the leader cursing him with my talents. Their beef seems to be with Fernando only because these thugs are ignoring me and dealing Fernando much punishment. Determined Carlos jabs in the arm penetrating through Fernando’s defenses. I turn my focus on the weakened Fernando and heal his wounds so that he can continue his battle. Now looking nervous Carlos looks around to find his henchmen dying on the bar room floor. He points and then yells something at Fernando quickly retreating out the door to make his escape along with the sole surviving henchman. I show mercy on Carlos’ followers and heal most of their wounds. They were most likely only following his orders in his quest to seek revenge on Fernando. Perhaps they will now see the light since gaining a second chance in this earthly life. The patrons look nervous and ask the Spaniard, “aren’t you an inquisitor?…..take him in!” Some of the bar patrons decide to leave the establishment after seeing much bloodshed, gore and toping it off with a witch healing the pirates wounds. The crusaders shrug off the people’s concerns to focus on Fernando. Esteban soon questions Fernando about the reason for the assault. Fernando responds vaguely and only details Carlos’ anger stems from issues while they were both crew members aboard the pirate ship know as “Sea Bass”. The bar keep relents and suggests we locate a captain Gustavo or Bernardo that they may allow us to book passage on their ship. The bartender looks and says, “Oh wait there is Gustavo over in the far corner.” Almost immediately Fernando engages him in conversation hoping to get us passage on his ship for a minimal fee. The Fernando orders a whole bottle of Kashia while over his shoulder he explains that this is a Portuguese “moonshine”. Fernando slams money onto the table and waits for the bottle of strong spirits. Franz and Esteban join the men at the table and the negotiating begins. I boost their skills in the hope the negotiations go well, but the trio fail to positively influence Gustavo but enough to allow a conversation with his brother. We search the many dockside slips and locate Bernardo. Straight away a hesitant Bernardo says, “I don’t know…you guys just had that bar fight and some of those fellows are my friends.” he continues, “Come with me we will talk with captain Raphael Gamma.” The negotiating resumes with Fernando taking the lead and introducing himself. Even with Franz and Esteban collaborating with the former sea dog the captain demands work along with a 10 pound passage fee. We concede and pay our costly fee for our trip to the dark continent. Fernando insists, “But we are not sleeping on the slave deck.” The captain then says, “I had four sailors, but they were in a bad bar fight and unable to complete their duties aboard ship.” Fernando hesitates, “We don’t know anything about that.” I just return with, “Sorry to hear about that.” Franz opens his purse and hands over his fee with a perplexed look. “I must have been robbed by street urchins during our time near the docks.” Esteban begins to gather supplies and rations for our long sea voyage. The remaining Crusaders converse on a plan to get Fernando safely to the dark continent without any harm or injury.


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