The Path of Kane

Not a vacation spot I recommend to anyone.............

After during an extensive search of the ruins, I ask the group for some time alone. I create a makeshift altar using stone rubble and adorn it with a plain white linen covering it and then securing it to table with red cords. The linen covering symbolizes the winding sheet in which the body of Christ was wrapped when he was laid in the tomb. I then bless the altar in Our Holy Father’s name. I set up the altar to begin performing the rite of The Last Supper. I place on the altar a Roman Missal, chalice (with purificator, paten and pall), crucifix, and 2 lit candles. I offer the rite up to God and added prayers to Saint Francis as he is the patron saint of animals and the environment. I believe God’s power will restore the area to its original glory of being green, lush and full of plant and animal life. I complete the rite after some 40 minutes and return to the Crusaders leaving behind the linen cover because it can never be removed after the altar is consecrated, and is considered to be the “baptismal garment” of the altar. While performing my rite, the others discovered some treasure that was divided among the Crusaders. Both Fernando and Franz were lucky to discover a shock javelin and magic hand axe among the treasure that they gathered, those lucky bastards!
I begin my search for tracks in the area where I saw those vile and undead looking creatures but alas none can be found. I notice Franz having an intense conversation with two of the porters who are displaying fearful and nervous expressions. After their lengthy conversation ended I ask about the content of their discussion. Franz explains that their concerns are related to the groups desire to track down those gaunt and undead scouts that I had observed. They said the description I gave is the same as what they know as the African vampires of the foothills to the east of our present location. We press onward to the east and after three sunrises reach a village of typical appearance. Although we don’t seem to notice any sign of life. Franz and Fernando begin to investigate the lifeless village locating many corpses that are drained of blood. They also discover the tell tale signs of vampire bite marks on every single corpse found. After an extensive search of the dwellings Franz and I hear a noise and find a teenage girl and her younger brother hiding within a hut cowering in fear. Franz has to translate the quivering girls explanation of the carnage left about the village. She describes a night time attack of clawing and biting with their best warriors unable to stop vampire onslaught. She further explains that the dead have come back from among the hills with one of the porters pointing at a distance of only four miles. We decide it best that Anna escorts the girl and boy to the next village where they will be safe. Leaving the remaining people behind Franz, Fernando and I begin our scouting of the nearby hills. After sometime searching the foothills, our trio locates an area clear of all vegetation. Our path leads up into hills overlooking a scorched city of what is believed to be the “City of Vampires”. An eerie sound permeates the air like a distant scream riding the winds like some dark demonic messenger gnawing at our minds. We transverse the steep hills into the city immediately classifying this fire as one that burned with great intensity. Even those walls measuring an arms length thick show signs of stress under the extreme temperatures of the raging fire. Large blackened patches mark areas of the most intense temperatures endured by the blaze. While weaving in and out of the charred ruins that once was a mighty city Franz points to a set of stone stairs descending into the darkness. I ignite the hooded lantern and Franz leads us into the unknown darkness below the city. A mire ten feet into the darkness all involved feel the stairs shifting and flattening but we are able to maintain our upright posture. After some fancy footwork the Crusaders arrive within the confines of a room and I begin to shine a focused light about the area. Franz spies the figures of four very large snakes slithering in our direction and we prepare for combat against the reptiles. Two of the oversized snakes lash out at Franz and the remainder engage Fernando and me. Franz bats the second snake away with his large shield as it tries to inject him with poison. Fernando pulls back and skillfully wields his silver scimitar cutting into one of the beasts. Franz lunges and in a sweeping motion slashing another spilling an odd black colored blood onto the cold stone surface. Fernando deflects a diving snake’s bite knocking the creature back away from him. In response Fernando brings his newly acquired hand axe down on the snake chopping into the reptile’s flesh. After an initial failure I summon a spirit of God and arm it with a barbed spear. Franz scores a hit again but only causing a slight wound to the animal. The snakes are unable to score damaging hits with Fernando and Franz having their armor damaged by the bite of one of them. Franz delivers an attack that yields little damage but it appears to be of some level of success. Fernando endures a penetrating attack with the snake attempting to inject venom into his body. The snakes swarm but are unsuccessful in their attempts at least for the time being. I assume a defensive stance with the hope that my spirit warrior will eliminate the huge snake. Fernando again endures a penetrating attack but is able to resist the snake’s venom.
One snake maneuvers around Franz and bites him in the calf injecting venom but Franz’s high vitality helps him avoid any added injury. Fernando swings his scimitar cutting deep into the snake ending its life. The remaining two snakes retreat into the darkness of the caverns while the remaining one transforms into a human shape and then goes gaseous. Fernando renders medical assistance to both he and Franz allowing them to recover from their injuries. We continue deeper into the network of bunker like tunnels with the occasional room that shows high craftsmanship including intricately carved borders around much of the ceilings. Our search continues for nearly 30 minutes when Fernando yells out and we see a vampire sinking his teeth into his neck. Fernando struggles to break free but to no avail. I enhance the fighting abilities of both my fellow Crusaders. Franz calls upon God to cover Fernando in an opaque and ghostly armor. The vampire bites again but is unable to penetrate his ghostly armor. I drop to one knee and Franz hurls his javelin striking the vampire in the throat sending electricity throughout his body causing him to reel backward. I boost the damage of Fernando allowing him better offense against the undead. Franz enchants Fernando’s scimitar with magic. The vampire reestablishes his grapple of Fernando biting him but causing no damage because of his divine armor. I charge my hand with holy power and deliver a curse upon the vampire causing him to be fatigued. Fernando is bitten again but this time the vampire pierces his armor and his color begins to drain from his face. The vampire must have drained Fernando of some of his precious blood. Fernando still battling to break the grip of the vampire but Franz renews his ghostly armor will continue to offer great benefit. Finally Fernando deals him a lethal blow with his enchanted and boosted(damage) scimitar causing him to crumble into a pile of dust. Fernando has some minor wounds that I heal using my talents gifted to me by our Lord. Onward we go continuing our search of the ancient tunnel network. Not long after our previous encounter, another vampire assaults the group and in fact me specifically. The ghastly vampire leaps from the shadows and grabs my person sinking his teeth into my neck. Fernando responds rapidly and cuts the devil’s minion just above his shoulder blade with his magical hand axe. To my good fortune Franz covers me in an opaque and shimmering layer of armor. Fernando delivers another fruitful attack causing the vampire some distress. The vampire maintains his grapple but I manage to boost the damage of those weapons wielded by Fernando and Franz. Franz hurls his shock javelin and strikes the vampire through his thigh causing him to collapse into nothing more than a pile of ash like dust. Following the brief but tense battle, we discuss our efforts to be better prepared for the vampire ambushes that have been plaguing us throughout our search of the subterranean tunnels. Now we must press on as there is still evil lurking in the darkness of this vampire lair.


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