The Path of Kane

Will we become slaves after our capture?

Our newly formed and large caravan loads up and begins in a westward direction just before sunrise on the morning of July 11th 1603. The weather was pleasant as our travel progressed seeing so much wildlife it was astounding. The vegetation was varied as we gathered flowers from Abal scrubs; leaves, flowers and pods from some Acacia trees; roots and the fruit pulp of the Baobab trees along with some very tasty fruit from Marula trees and we hunted only for survival killing a few warthogs and three cattle along with seven impalas. Franz was happiest by our gathering of the Marula fruits as our guide taught him how to make a liqueur from the fermented ones. Franz has weighted down an entire saddle bag with them, collected cream from the milk of a few goats along with some sugar we still had to create his first batch of the alcoholic drink. So you can image Franz’s frustration when we were ambushed by slavers after some 20 days and only a day or so before his fruit would be ready for use in creating his alcoholic drink. The jungle seemed to be swarming with slavers and their soldiers as we battled them in mortal combat. Our porters and guide fled and less than a minute later as we stand among the multitude of bodies they returned as hostages of the slavers. We had no choice but to surrender….although I could see hesitation in the eyes of both Franz and Anna after slaying about twenty of the slavers. Worried that they may kill us and use the natives as slaves I transformed into a horse as the invisibility soon wore off. I felt that this way I could protect my friends from possible execution. I thought they may just kill my fellow Wanders and sell off the natives for a hefty profit. I remain tied to our wagon and my friends are locked in a cage mounted on a wagon much like ours. Our travel brings us west about ten miles and the slave traders load their human cargo into the below decks of a large sailing ship. I sneak upon the ship invisible and do a search but can’t enter the captain’s quarters so I decide to move below decks to look for my friends finding them on the lowest deck.


MercutioR13 gijoe

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