The Path of Kane

A village in need of a demon exterminator!!!

Who do you call???....the Wanders!

The Wanders are enjoying a meal of river rats around a large campfire during the early evening hours of July 8th 1603 when a lone well built stranger approaches our gathering. Sporting a kilt and hand wraps he approaches asking for some assistance with a village that having trouble dealing with a pack of hyenas. The man, named Dorn, was once a cat burglary but repented his ways after seeing some scary demonology worship and even a being from hell. Essentially he was scared straight into a life serving good through collecting artifacts to combat the evil of the world and crossed Kane’s path while locating some of the known artifacts of the world. Dorn sits as the group continues conversing about the deeds of Kane those that we may accomplish in the name of him and good as well in the future.

Waking up refreshed we follow Dorn as he guides us northward deeper into the savanna and to our destination a few days travel from our present locale. As our ever growing group approaches a wide banked river our guide, Chicumbusto, demands of us extreme caution. He describes a common danger around wide berth and deep rivers that of territorial Hippopotamuses killing more people than lions and elephants combined. Just to avoid injuring any of Gods beautiful creatures I give Anna the ability to take to flight and ferry our entire troop across to the far side of the river. Our pace is slow but Franz is taken by surprise by a large Puffer Adder that strikes his right boot near the ankle and luckily for him there is no penetration into his flesh. Responding very quickly Franz hacks the snake into two with his silvered long sword and we return to our course of travel through the savanna. Only three additional hours of travel Chicumbusto directs the Wanders to the village in need of our assist. Upon our arrival we can hear a man screaming and pacing rapidly back and forth about the village while I understand only the part about “White Devils”. We are guided to the village chieftain and Dorn, who is fluent in river tongue, speaks on our behalf. We begin a lengthy investigation that includes identifying and locating tracks as well as questioning villagers about the attacks. After some questioning and tracking we return to the village for identification of potential witnesses and a handsome native gives us dirty looks and makes snide comments at least that is what Dorn explained as their unfriendly comments. Indifferent to most of what has taken place Franz remains near the fire pit of the roasting hippo carcass consuming large amounts of under cooked meat. Dorn has a conversation with the chief’s son about appearing so glum. Dorn explains that he has lost his first love a month ago to the kidnappings that have plagued the village. We arrange night watches with two person teams positioned at the four corners of the village but nothing unusual occurs during the night even as we watch over the suspicious handsome man and his crew. I forgot….Franz was offered an unusual reward if the most recently lost young girl is found and returned to her grandmother and that was the promise of oral sex. She also informs Franz of the village girls sneaking out at night to meet up with the handsome native and the last girl that snuck out during the night had not returned.
Midday a herder approaches the group of Wanders explaining that there was a pack of hyenas making noise. Anna and I investigate the hyena pack and find them milling about near the village. I put three to sleep and we tie one up and bring them to the village chieftain. The chief’s son has a look of concern when we arrive with our captive and unhurt hyena with the chief questioning our reasons for bringing an animal as such into the village. Anna and Dorn converse with the young teenager detecting his worry discovering that the boy does not like the handsome warrior and distrusts him just as we do. Dorn decides to challenge the handsome warrior to a one on one duel so our group follows a crowd of spectators along with the warrior gang just outside the village. The duel begins with the crowd circling and cheering around the two engaged in mortal combat. Unknown to the enemy crew I boost damage on Dorns’ fists just in case his foe is some type of supernatural powerful being. The native moves with such speed and attacks first thrusting his spear into the left side of Dorn’s chest just below his pectoral muscle. Dorn clobbers him with a devastating upper cut to the jaw causing him to take a step back then looking to his gang for a brief moment. Dorn dodges the warriors attempt to drive the oversized spear into flesh and bone. Then Dorn attempts to grab the native fighter but the powerfully built man fends him off and gestures to his henchmen as they join in the melee. The natives attempted their surprise attack against the remaining Wanders without success. Anna creates some fear after blasting a henchman in the face with a round from her pistol with the bullet dislodging the warrior’s eyes from its socket. I unsuccessfully try to curse one of the warrior henchmen but he is able to resist then he moves in and cuts my left hand because I could not react fast enough. Anna draws both her swords and readies for melee with the henchmen. Franz connects with two attacks of his sword cutting down one of the henchmen he is engaged with. Pretty boy attacks and gouges Dorn with a swift thrust of his well crafted spear. I put the enemy fighter to sleep using my talent and then coup de grace the sleeping foe. Dorn tumbles away and draws two daggers from his belt ready for his aggressor to move against him. Franz eliminates the second warrior and moves to render his fellow Wander aid even handing his shock spear with an out stretched arm. I heal Dorns’ wounds giving him the upper hand against the well built tribesman. Anna drops her foe with a well placed thrust through his abdomen and he stumbles and falls onto the savanna soaking the soil with dark red body fluid. Dorn throws a cold iron dagger and it lodges into the left thigh of the warrior as he looks down and puts it out dropping it onto the ground beside his foot. Franz launches his javelin hitting the impact pushes the warrior back a step as blood drips from a newly formed shoulder wound. The pretty one his struck a second time with a dagger and he again pulls it out glaring at Dorn. Franz charges and shield bashes the warrior out of the way and stunning him for a split second. Anna reloads her pistol while still keeping an eye on the continuing battle. Now the lone warrior tries to grapple Franz but the Wander uses his weight as a counter and breaks free. Anna aims down her barrel and discharges another round that whizzes through the air but bounces off the fighter’s chest as a hailstone would. Anna retrieves one of Dorn’s daggers lying on the blood soaked ground as the crazed warrior lunges at Franz but without success. I intervene as the warrior tries to jab his well made spear into Dorn protecting him with a ghostly shield that deflects the potentially deadly attack. Dorn pulls back dagger in hand a launches another cold iron dagger penetrating deep into his abdominal cavity. The mighty warrior looks down pulling the dagger out half way but falls face down onto the already blood soaked ground displaying a few seconds of death throws. His body then waivers from human to hyena and then back to a human form and finally remaining lifeless. The native on lookers call the creature a KISHI which they say is a handsome demon that sometimes takes the form of a hyena. The battle weary Wanders return with the crowd to the small group of dwellings to celebrate their victory over the merciless and arrogant demon sent from hell. We have prevailed again destroying the evil that is so wide spread across the world and unfortunately our mission is far from complete!


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