The Path of Kane

Death From Above........Almost!!!!

A Winged Demon!!!!!!!

Trying to avoid additional casualties we leave our African hirelings with the remaining villagers and set out to confront the evil in the hills nearby. We happen upon an abandoned village after three days of searching to the east. Acting as if we own the place the Wanders begin an investigation of the abandoned and somewhat remote village. In the center of the village we discover an area burned and littered with sun bleached bones. Upon further investigation the bones seem to have come from an avian type of biped humanoid perhaps the winged demons that the elder Mobobo described. The there are many areas in and around the village that show signs of intense combat without carcasses therefore the bones must have been moved to that central area and burned in a large bonfire. On the easternmost side of the village we locate a ravine with a worn path adorned with the same battle standard displayed by those natives that attacked the village just to the west. We enter and carefully inspect the caves that are located ten to twenty feet apart only to find them void of everything.
Continuing further into the cavernous network we are ambushed by a large group of tribal fighters of the same tribe we had previously encountered with only Fernando detecting them before their assault. Fernando with swift motion points his pistol in the air and fires a round skyward causing some apprehension among the natives only a second later arrows rain down striking Fernando and Franz multiple times. Fernando flips his pistol in his hand brandishing as a club but with little affect during the initial phase of combat. Being hopelessly outnumbered I put three of the non believers to sleep using my God given talent. In a single mighty swing Franz nearly decapitates one as the tribal fighters attempt to cause great harm to his person. More fighters join the fray and now most of us are outnumbered four to one with Franz taking a grazing jab to the forearm. Even having three sleeping around my immediate area the remaining two warriors connect causing a serious wound to my left leg and just a nick to my right hand. I use my talents to cause the two lingering fighters asleep as that would be in my best interest. Concerned for my fellow Wanders I take a quick glance to assess their wounds. Franz looks wounded but still in the fight however gazing over I see Fernando taking four hits almost simultaneously causing him to lose balance briefly. Fernando uses his combat skills to outmaneuver(he claims to be an excellent waltzer) two of the four foes he his battling so I cause three of them to doze off and drop onto the iron rich clay dirt. Franz still being surrounded is assaulted successfully by three of four tribesmen. Fernando makes use of his newly acquired helm and uses it’s healing power to cure us of all wounds. The battle continues to rage on with no sign of a swift end so I enhance the Wanders abilities to fight the evil tribesmen. A mighty swing and thrust of his long sword drops another dying foe at Franzs’ feet as the downed warrior looks skyward losing his struggle to remain conscious. Even with much success Franz displays numerous bleeding wounds about his entire body.
Swooping down from the sky a large biped winged beast claws into an unsuspecting Franz after the beast unsuccessfully attempts to lift him off of the ground. Fernando strikes the lone warrior in the knee opening up a severe wound even displaying bone among the gushing blood. Now with the new threat of the winged demon I render the two employed against Franz allowing him to focus his attention on the flying hellion. Franz responds putting all of his muscle behind a swing that cuts deeply into the right leg of the powerfully built creature. The winged demon grabs Franz and flies about 20 feet into the air while I show a concerned expression at this new development. Fernando eliminates his last remaining foe with a pistol whip to the forehand and the warrior falls face down as blood begins to pool around his head. I give Franz the ability to fly and well as Fernando and myself just in case the demon plans to drop him from an overcast sky. The demon does indeed drop Franz but to his surprise the wander drops a few feet but propels himself toward the demon using his magical flight ability. Fernando and I begin the tedious duty of coup de gracing those sleeping enemy fighters. Franz delivers another devastating sword attack even though he is unfamiliar with aerial combat. The winged beast attacks but Franz uses his large shield to fight off the attack. We continue to eliminate sleeping warriors on the ground as the skyward battle rages with a fevered pitch. Troublesome is the fact that warriors are beginning to wake from their magic induced slumber and I will again be outnumbered! Up above the skyward battle continues as the demon rips Franz’s flesh from the bone of his right thigh and the Wander groans in agony from the powerful claws of the beast from hell. Seeing Franz in need of assistance Fernando flies into the sky to lend some help to the badly wounded Wander but not before he heals using the fetish given us by the village elder named M’bobo. Even as two warriors rise from their little cat nap I move to coup de grace the other two tribesmen that had been previously engaged with Franz as that appears to be the most beneficial course of action at this time. Franz and the demon continue exchanging attacks as Fernando arrives with a flying charge to lend some greatly needed assistance to our friend with success. I coup de grace the final sleeping tribesman and prepare my shield for the onslaught of the other drowsy fighters that move to my relocated position. With help at his location Franz calls upon the Lord above to heal him of his wounds so that he may remain in the fight. I endure the thrusts of the warriors on the ground receiving a serious wound to my left shoulder as my shield block was not properly timed. Again the demon claws through defenses and Franz suffers a most serious injury as muscle is torn from his knee once again. Without many options I summon my Godly talent to disappear from sight so these warriors cannot effectively attack me. The winged hellion delivers another deadly attack as Franz has a grave look upon his all ready weary face. Fernando makes his presence felt and cuts a deep gash into the wing of the flying demon. Seeing Franz plight I call on the Almighty to remove all of his injuries and my brief prayer is answered. Just following my healing Franz finishes off the demon with a well placed strike that cuts into the hellion’s neck creating a spurt of blood like a fountain. The remaining warriors flee as their leader is now defeated and they have lost all motivation to wage war against the Wanders.


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