The Path of Kane

Demon worshiping is not allowed in the Christian faith!!!!!

Log part2

The Wanders return to the fresh humid air of the surface with sighs of relief after a challenging time in our struggles with the undead. We gather the entire troop around the campfire and roast rats(Special request my Fernando) over an open fire sharing with our native hirelings the adventures below ground with our henchmen marveling at the sight of Fernando’s newly acquired shiny winged helm. I am the last awake as the fires’ ambers glow in a soft moonlight and begin to drift off into a well earned sleep.
A chilly and misty air engulfs the lowlands of the area as the Wanders break camp after a meal of leftover rats simmered in rehydrated figs and prunes from the frying pan of Fernando. Following the morning suns glow behind the distant hills we resume our travel. Fernando asks our guide to lead us to the next town to the east of our location with the idea that he may satisfy his desire for a woman’s company. Hours into our march the sun continues to rise above the horizon as we crest a low range of hills seeing a small village a short distance away under attack by other tribesmen. Straight a way we can see that the defenders are badly outnumbers by those assaulting the village with bodies strewn about the huts. Many of the defenders appear to be farmers and families just trying to protect their homes against the marauders. Fernando asks our guide for direction as he points out the fact that we have often slain those that would be innocent while I prepare to assist those needing our help the most. The Wanders charge into the village observing the attackers wielding some type of battle standard with winged demon atop a bleached human skull. Just outside the village Fernando discharges his pistol only to have the bullet graze the arm of villager and then shatter a clay pot positioned on a small table. Both attackers as well as defenders show signs of fear because of this unfamiliar and loud weapon brandished by Fernando. I cause two aggressors to collapse to the dry dirt near an entrance to a large sized hut hearing a gentle snoring begin. Franz screams a war cry as he hurls his javelin striking down one of the attacking tribesman. Franz defends himself the best he can taking a minor wound to the arm from a barbed spear. Fernando is not so skilled unable to parry their spears and is struck twice by the three warriors that begin to surround him. I summon a spirit warrior to eliminate the threat posed by the lone tribesman in my vicinity equipping him with a barbed spear. Franz draws his long sword and kills one of his dark skinned assailants. Distracted by a faltering Fernando I am jabbed in the shin with a barbed spear but I notice the Wander returning his vitality with his new magical helm. I boost damage on our Wanders’ weapons hoping to end the battle rapidly. The spirit warrior jabs the enemy assaulting me and draws his life from him. The tide of battle has changed and we begin to feel the upper hand. Fernando dances and dodges out maneuvering those he is engaged with and is able to avoid damage for the time being. Franz renders assistance to Fernando killing a wounded tribesman with his silvered long sword and I redirect the warrior to assist to Fernando as well. The combination of Franz and spirit warrior quickly eliminates those tribesmen dare remain to fight us. We look to the village to observe the aggressors retreating to the east and I let out a sigh of relief. The village praises and welcomes us as saviors after a hard fought battle and the village elder requesting company with the Wanders. The elders thanks us as the saving white Gods that protected the village from the demon worshiping warriors of the Gunwarri tribe that occupy the hills east of this location. The village elder, Mobobo, gives the Wanders a reward of two healing totems that will cure wounds once a day and some tribal holy water to use against the evil tribesmen. The Wanders rest and recuperate before our move against the evil that lies in the eastern foothills.


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