The Path of Kane

Our new dark-skinned friends have a low survival rate!!!!

Wonder why we can't make many friends???

The now friendly natives direct us toward an area that the demon used as a nest or lair and we liberate some treasure and among the small horde we find a well crafted belt with three inlaid pearls adorning the buckle. I replace my belt with this attractive and new one so as to attune it to my person. I soon discover that the belt allows the wearer to act more quickly in combat situations. We return to the newly freed village and show the elder the body of the demon just to confirm his suspicions.

I arise from my sleep before the rest of the crew to offer prayer to the Almighty Lord. Offering myself up to his will I receive a message directing me to travel to a large city or the capital city of Kongo well to the southeast of our present location. The two cities are called: M’banza and Nsi Kwilu and according to my vision we may discover a Catholic relic at or near those locations. I believe this to be a valuable journey not us for the Wanders as a group but for Franz as this holy item may allow him to fully receive Jesus into his heart and mind. Even if we do not discover this relic this may allow Franz an opportunity to deepen his relationship with the Holy Trinity.
We thank M’bobo for his generosity and hospitality and begin our journey east and finally in a more southeasterly path on Monday May the 12th. Our travel is long and exhaustive arriving after 55 days with very little interruptions along the way even the temperatures we more tolerable that we had expected. The only issue occurred on May 29th at dusk when a pride of lions wandered into our camp and I was able to put them all asleep long enough for us to relocate the camp a few miles further eastward among some heavy bush and scrub. We arrive in the city of Nsi Kwilu in the early hours of the Lord’s day July 6th 1603. Fernando leaves us to locate an inn or hostel for us to find rest. More likely Fernando’s search with lead to a place where he will be serviced by the ladies who can satisfy a mans needs. While in the central market Franz and myself over hear a dark skinned man speaking of an attack by a yellow eyed demon bear and other creatures of similar stature. The man turns to us and acknowledges our combat ready appearance asking, “Will you warriors accompany my brothers and I to slay this demon and its minions?” Many of those gathered around look puzzled most likely because the disbelieve in his story but we know that demons on earth do indeed exist. Franz and I look at each other with a much more serious appearance because the story is probably true and look back at the dark man saying, “Yes”. We leave immediately because both of us know that locating Fernando in a large city like this will take a better part of a day especially since he is most certainly in the company of an older woman. I believe he expressed his interest in older women because they have more skill at those things he desires most.
We set out with our new dark skinned friends leading the way into some jungle area nearly two days walk from the center of the city. On the second day the terrain changes and we find ourselves in an area of forested mountains. Our Three guides take us to the place near where the terrible attack occurred but since it was nearly dusk we ready camp for the overnight. The group arranges evening watches for the overnight breaking into three shifts of about four hours each. Many sounds of wildlife fill the air and things go well until after the midnight hour. We are rudely awakened by a loud pounding just outside of camp site where can be seen a large creature with a bears appearance is pummeling the stone ground below his hulking body. As the group reacts a scream and a sickening snapping sound comes from behind as the headless corpse of Sogut falls from a tree. In the tree a hyena like creature snarls as blood drips from its muzzle and the sound is echoed by more creatures surrounding the campsite. The bear like creature retreats at a high rate of speed while pushing a large boulder that tumbles toward our campfire. Still asleep Franz gets rammed by the man sized boulder while the rest of us found a way to dodge the danger. Stunned Franz looks about trying to identify who or what caused him harm. As it turns out these creatures bark was worse than their bite and after a brief battle we slay them and turn to the trail left by the bear and the tracking brother of Jooba as he felt the need to chase after the retreating creature. The trail leads us through an area of cave like tunnels among hills and exit the tunnel network on the crest of a large steep hill only to find the lifeless body of Matoola at the cave entrance. The group continues to follow the tracks and we will bury Matoola after we destroy this evil that lurks about the area. However after only 60 or so feet of tracking the dog like creatures attempt an ambush but we are alert and I weave a spell to cause all four of them to fall fast asleep. The rest of the troop silences them for good as they sleep allowing us to resume the tracking soon afterward. The path leads to an area of thick undergrowth as well as a heavy canopy up above so thick that only shadowy light pokes through. The tracks lead up a summit and an incredible sight below of a once mighty but now ruined temple of alien construction that Franz and I recognize as that of Atlantians construction. We observe more of those hyena like beasts in the area as if guarding the temple from intruders. I call on my talents to allow all of us to fly and make our movement into the temple area much easier. We can see bodies of many sacrificial victims and one located on a decorative pallet and the smell of death is nearly overwhelming. From the shadows of the cave set into the mountain steps a most heinous sight that of the large demon bear sporting flies swarming about parts of its body where flesh appears to be rotting. The wanders along with our new found friend land above the demon and his minions and begin the assault. I begin the offensive by enhancing the dexterity of Franz for I hope the entire duration of the combat while Franz boosts damage of all main weapons we carry. Jooba launches few arrows striking the demon bear in his hind quarters and another in his chest. The demon bear pounds the ground and he and his minions retreat into the cave. We pursue the evil beasts into the cave and find them waiting to pounce on us like weakened prey although we are far from those which they typically hunt. A bloody battle ensues as I put two of the hyena like creatures to sleep as Jooba releases a volley of arrows scoring several hits. I take advantage of my magical belt and at the same time Jooba releases those arrows I shroud us with invisibility. Unable to pin-point our exact location the monsters can’t connect with any attacks at least for the time being. A combination of arrows and sword strikes bring down the demon bear secondly after Jooba drops one filling it with arrows but without the signs of blood may be because he is partially undead. I begin coup de grace on those beasts sleeping while Franz and Jooba continue delivering we placed attacks. God and luck on our side we are able to defeat the evil creatures after an overall brief combat. Just in case we burn the body of the demon so that he could not be raised or given any typical of undead infusion.


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