The Path of Kane

Vampires...All They Are...Is Dust in the Wind!

Our time below ground has me unnerved and stressed with every corner we turn anticipating an attack from the shadows. Our travel remains uneventful until we reach a chamber covered floor to ceiling of a carved mural depicting pictures of clerics on an island and them spreading throughout the world. The mural continues showing a city much like the one we are below at present except completely intact. There are also images of large stone slabs used to protect their city from any outsiders. The final scene illustrates an island sinking into the ocean and the people feared extinction of their race. Then the pictures demonstrate clerics raising people as undead to help in their fight against outsiders. Although it seems the plan worked too well and the vampires eliminated the entire cleric population.
We were caught completely unaware as two vampires leapt from the numerous shadows onto both Franz and Fernando. The unsuspecting Wanders are bitten by the vampires and straight away show signs of fatigue. Fernando maneuvers out of the grapple and throws the vampire against a nearby wall. I restore both Franz and Fernando and cure them of their fatigue although the vampires’ attacks could return their state of exhaustion. Franz is also successful in breaking the grapple against the other vampire and bashes him some 5 or so feet away. Fernando quick draws his weapons and readies for the resuming assault. The vampires resume their assault but without any effective methods. Fernando lands his hand axe into the vampire left hand severing the thumb and index finger. The vampire responds with a grasp and bite of his neck causing Fernando fatigue in much the same way Franz is bitten and becomes weakened. While grappled Fernando frees his hand axe and again cuts the vampire in the right thigh. Aware of their fatigue I use my Holy talent to eliminate their weakened state. The other Wanders are struggling to fend off the undead with only failure as their prize. I try and do my part by enhancing their ability to resist the fatigue caused by the vampire fangs. Franz is unable to break away from iron grip of the vampire. Fernando is unable to get leverage and half heartedly swings yielding very little. I heal my fellow Wanders of all their wounds. Franz breaks free, bashes the vampire some distance and throws his javelin piercing the stomach of the vampire with the tip protruding from his back. Lunging at Franz the vampire misses his mark and stumbles. Fernando is bitten once again and I can see the life draining from his face. I restore Franz and Fernando doing away with their fatigue. While breaking away Fernando hacks into the left arm of the vampire casting blood onto the wall. Momentarily I am fixated on the blood as it slowly streams down the gray stone wall. Again Fernando avoids the vampires’ clutches and slices just catching the vampire under the left ear. I summon a warrior from heaven to wield the enchanted spear against these hellish monsters. Fernando again connects just before the ghostly warrior jabs the vampire causing him to collapse into a large pile of dust. Stepping to the left and ducking the grab of the vampire Franz draws vampire blood with a slice into his lower left torso. Fernando moves to assist Franz in his fray against the other vampire and I add the spirit warrior to the group now surrounding the enemy. Just as help arrives Franz bring his sword to bear finishing off the vampire with a cut that dislodged his eye and creating another pile of fine gray dust. Franz and Fernando retrieve their weapons with loud sighs of relief. Fernando takes out his manhood and sends a yellow stream onto one of the dust piles as impact sends dust outward. Fernando ends the encounter with, “That sucked!” I had not imagined the treasure chest and with caution approach the oversized strongbox. I direct the spirit warrior to open the box so as to avoid any possible danger from traps. With incident the chest creaks open yielding a chest filled with gems, shining gold coins, ivory statuettes and jewelry. What caught my eye was a helm adorned with small golden wings like that of an Angel mounted on either side. I realized the power someone could harness with good aligned helm as I handled and admired its fine craftsmanship. I offer the sacred magical item to Fernando with the hope that he will use it to battle the evil that still roams the earth.


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