Converted Talents


Difficulty (-4), Duration (Days), Range (touch), Resistance (Spirit + Resist)

Some practitioners of magic use their arts for good; others inflict pain upon their foes.

To use this particularly nasty spell, the caster pits his arcane skill against the victim’s Spirit. If the caster is successful, the victim becomes sick and suffers one level of Fatigue immediately.

Each day, at dawn, he must make a Resistance roll or suffer another level of Fatigue. If this Resistance roll is successful, the victim begins recovering from the curse. If not, the victim much continue to roll until successful. Once he becomes incapacitated, he makes a Resistance roll each day to avoid death.

Duration is measured in days and magnitude is used to overcome an opposing talent (such as repel).

Spirit Servant

Difficulty (-2), Duration (Minutes), Magnitude (Special), Resistance (Special)

Spirit servant conjures an ethereal spirit.

Magnitude determines the weight the spirit servant can lift. Each point of magnitude allows the spirit servant to lift 50 lbs. and determines the spirit servant’s Strength Ability (1=d4;2=d6,3=d8,4=d10,5=d12)

Lifting Creatures: If the servant wishes to lift a living creature, the target may try to resist the power with an opposed roll. The spirit servant uses its (Strength + Caster’s Weird die) vs. the target’s (Dexterity + Athletics) roll. If the creature loses, however, it is lifted as usual and must attempt to break free.

Occasionally a victim might manage to grab onto something solid to prevent itself from being lifted. When this happens, the victim may use a (Strength + Athletics) roll instead to resist. If the victim is successful, he manages to grab onto whatever is available and is not moved, bashed, or otherwise affected that round.

Weapons: The servant can wield a weapon. When this occurs, the spirit servant’s attack equals its Strength + Caster’s Weird die. The weapon otherwise functions normally.

Dropping Things: Particularly ruthless casters use the servant to drop their foes or bash them into walls. A creature affected by this power can be moved up to the caster’s Weird Ability x 5’ per combat round. Dropped creatures suffer falling damage as usual. Victims who are bashed into walls or other solid objects suffer damage equal to half the spirit servant’s Strength Ability.

Duration is measured in minutes and magnitude is used to overcome an opposing talent (such as repel).

Converted Talents

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